Endowment Fund – Growing every year!

Join Our “Renew, Re-Energize, and Endow”¬†Campaign for St. James and St. John’s

St. James Church, Port Cunnington Road, Dwight, Ontario

St. James Church

These two churches are symbols of the history of the Lake of Bays, and we want to ensure they will be a significant part of its future.

As seasonal churches, our financial needs are:

  • Upgrades to meet current standards for barrier-free access, washrooms, septic and parking facilities
  • Repairs to building interiors, exteriors, and foundations
  • Restoring our stained-glass windows
  • Developing our music and children”s programs
  • Increasing costs of maintaining the churches

We need extra help to achieve these goals, so we are establishing the Renew, Re-energize And Endow Fund!

St. John's Church

The Purpose of the Fund is to build a dedicated bank account, forecast to be seeded with several hundred thousand dollars. The Income from the Fund”will be used to ensure these churches are properly repaired, preserved, and equipped to continue to be a vibrant part of the Lake of Bays community.

We invite you to:

  • Help us Renew our historic buildings to their original glory and improve their facilities.
  • Help us Re-energize our mission to love God and one another, and to demonstrate that love in our ministry to all in the Lake of Bays.¬†Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, Church at the Cottage/Dock, Summer Students Children”s Programs, Annual Regatta, Memorial Services, and Summer worship help us endow these treasures of our history and community, to ensure they will be part of our life for generations to come.

How Does the Endowment Fund Work?

  • Each donation will be placed into a fund that is administered by the Churches of St. James and St. John’s, and safely invested in trust with the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • The interest income on this fund will be used for the repair and preservation of our buildings and ministry as outlined above.
  • The principle balance will remain in the fund to generate interest, and be used, if needed, for major repairs and preservation projects.
  • These churches were built with generous donations of land, labour and materials from the original residents and merchants of Fox Point and Port Cunnington, and have flourished for generations on donations from the people of Lake of Bays.

What Is My Role In this Endowment?

  • Being a visionary and benefactor in the community
  • Preserving our heritage churches and lands
  • Receiving our thanks for your generosity through a plaque or other memorial in our churches
  • A Charitable Donation tax receipt to honour your gift

How Can I Donate To This Fund?

  • A pledge or donation in cash, cheque or automatic deposit
  • A donation of materials and services toward the fund
  • A bequest in your Will
  • A gift of an asset such as stock, life insurance, or real estate transferred to the Fund
  • Our tax laws offer many benefits to individuals and businesses that donate to charitable organizations. Please consult your accountant, lawyer or financial advisor to discuss your options

If you would like to be a benefactor to the Endowment Fund please contact the minister of St. James and St. John’s at:

“Renew, Re-energize and Endowment Fund”
c/o Rev. Heather Manuel
Box 5
Dorset, Ontario
P0A 1E0

We would be more than happy to meet with you to hear your input on this Endowment and tell you more about these precious churches.

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