Yes, the picture above really is the foundation of St. John’s Church.  The church is literally coming apart.  What will it take to fix it?  Initial estimates are $90,000, and as Doc Magee says, “That means $120,000 if it means a penny.”

What needs to be done:

The church needs to be lifted while the foundation is repoured.  The church has stood tall since 1905, but in order to lift the church, we’re going to have to take the windows out while doing the foundation.

Estimated Cost: $28,000

And while we’ve got it lifted, the snowplow driver would appreciate it if we move it back 5 feet or so.

Estimated Cost: $23,000

And while we’re at it, a new roof would not go amiss . . .

Estimated Cost: $25,000

And it’s definitely time to create barrier-free access inside and outside so that everyone can come and worship here.

Estimated Cost: $15,000

Why should you give?

St. John's Church

Give for Love:maybe you were married here, maybe your child was baptized here, or maybe your funeral is planned for here.

Give for Faith: maybe the ministry of the Church is a cause you believe highly in. You may have been wondering what you could do to help keep God’s work going in the Parish.

Give for Sentiment: perhaps you drive past us on your way to the cottage, or we’re on your morning walk when you’re staying at one of the resorts or cottages on our road.  Maybe you’re a history buff and preserving the church is on your list of causes.  You may hold 20 ribbons from the annual regatta.

Give for Money:  How’s that again?  Yes, we’re a charitable donation, which means there could be a tax advantage to you if you’ve had a particularly good year and you need some write-offs.

There are a dozen reasons to give but only one way to do it:  Click here.


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